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Thank you for signing up for our Newsletter. Vivid Living’s goal of creating healthy, sustainable living and working environments is guided by our thorough research into the various barriers to healthy living faced by Hong Kong residents and employees. In appreciation of your decision to join our Newsletter recipient list, we are happy to share with you our latest Vivid Living White Paper examining health and sustainability-related issues in Hong Kong. This provides objective information meant to help Hong Kong residents and employers determine the solutions most appropriate to their needs.

Improving health & well-being by applying Biophilic Design

Improving health & well-being by applying Biophilic Design highlights the importance to include biophilic design into our home and office space. Natural environments provide emotional relaxation, mental restoration and give our minds the opportunity to rest. This design philosophy brings this effect into the built-environment by reconnecting us with nature. Our White Paper shows you how to integrate this philosophy into our working spaces and homes. Our white paper 'Improving health and well-being by applying Biophilic.