Our vision is a healthier Hong Kong

Our vision is a healthier Hong Kong, where the buildings that frame your life also enrich your being. We believe that you can live better, work better and be better each and every day.

Personal well-being and sustainability should be integral components of every living or working space. Vivid Living applies this approach to create homes and offices that serve as a conduit to better physical, mental and emotional health. 

Your home or office can be made healthier by degrees, as every positive change brings positive benefits to your well-being. Vivid Living can address your space's most pressing health issues as they impact your well-being, or conduct a complete renewal to create a transformed home or office space with as close to zero health hazards as physically possible.

We focus on three delivery channels that will enable you to live better, work better and be better:

The Happy Home / Office: Working within set constraints to provide occupants with a healthier living or working space

The Vivid Home / Office: Taking a total Vivid Living approach incorporating every aspect of the Healthy Home or Healthy Office Blueprint to reconfigure your space for optimal well-being

The Vivid Lifestyle: Applying the Healthy Home or Office Blueprint to entire buildings or multi-unit developments

Indoor air pollution is medically known to be closely linked to allergies especially asthma,respiratory infections, and most importantly lung cancer. Individuals of all ages with prolonged exposure to poor IAQ, not exclusive to infants, toddlers and the elderly, are vulnerable to this invisible culprit of devastating respiratory diseases.

Vivid Living creates a medical evidence-based healthy indoor breathing environment through source control - using non-polluting materials - and the installation of professional air purification systems that remarkably reduce the concentration of disease-causing air-borne particles, bacteria, viruses and chemical gases.

Everyone of us spends an extended period of time indoors; a healthy indoor air environment is crucial to safeguard our health.
— Dr. KWOK Yuk Lung, Alan MBChB, MRCP(UK), FRCP(Glasg), FHKCP, FHKAM