Eradicating obstacles to well-being such as noise and light pollution to create a sanctuary where relaxation and rejuvenation are naturally and effortlessly achieved.

LIGHT: Like plants, humans thrive when there is an abundance of natural light

  • We realign windows when possible, maximizing daylight and ventilation
  • We apply energy-efficient, UV-protected double glazing to windows
  • We install mood lighting and home automation systems, enabling melatonin management and a natural wake up

SLEEP: Your bedroom should be a refuge that promotes total renewal

  • We install black-out shades to eradicate light pollution
  • We utilize soundproofing technologies including double glazing, sound-absorbing lamps, blinds and acoustic panels
  • We source organic mattresses and linens to minimize allergic reactions

DE-STRESS: We optimize comfort and aesthetics, engineering a happier state of mind

  • We apply Biophilic Design by including plants, green plant walls and natural materials for walls, floors, surfaces and furniture
  • We install mood-enhancing features, such as integrated AV systems and forms of home automation
  • We ensure state-of-the-art security for peace of mind

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