Stay focused, de-stressed, healthy and fit at work with
Vivid Living’s Healthy Office Blueprint

Healthy Office Blueprint Engage Revive Nurture

Vivid Living’s Healthy Office Blueprint brings healthy living into the workplace. We create offices that boost productivity and facilitate learning, better focus, increased efficiency and meaningful collaboration. Vivid Living’s healthy work spaces actively support employee stamina, creativity, drive and quality of life.
— Henning Voss, Founder, Vivid Living

Regardless of the size, nature or location of your office, the Healthy Office Blueprint will help to remove the barriers to employee well-being and performance that currently affect the modern workplace.

The Healthy Office Blueprint is divided into three key areas that address every factor influencing health and well-being, creating an office space that truly nurtures, revives and engages.

The Healthy Office Blueprint in action

For many, time spent at the office adds up to a majority of the weekday. How can you turn your office into a place that supports, rather than hinders, health and performance? 

Not only your home but also your workplace can become a platform to actively promote well-being. Vivid Living re-imagines your office as a catalyst for better health, seamlessly integrating well-being into the very fabric of the day-to-day work life. From office lighting to air quality, from healthy food options to ergonomic furniture, the office can be a place that enhances performance, well-being and engagement.

An investment in health in the workplace is one that pays dividends at every point in an organization's life-cycle. Vivid Living's solutions for the workplace not only lower absenteeism, but elevate performance, promote efficiency, and strengthen the cohesiveness of the organization by boosting morale and job satisfaction. Vivid Living carefully tailors its office projects to the needs of the organization and by putting health at the core of its office designs, creates work spaces that help any business to reach its full potential.