Enabling employees to make choices that positively affect their health and achievements across the board.

PHYSICAL FITNESS: Exercise and fitness can easily become a component of every corporate culture 

  • We source innovative ergonomic furniture such as treadmill desks
  • We recommend and help organize lunchtime, pre- or after-work fitness programs
  • We install cue-signage, distribute wearable fitness trackers and recommend health apps to nudge employees to make healthier daily choice

PERSONAL PERFORMANCE: Achieving your goals and staying focused is easier when you enjoy optimum health

  • We apply choice architecture to nudge you and your work force towards developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • We apply natural and eco-friendly office cleaning protocols and antibacterial coatings
  • We follow the interior design certification criteria laid out by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the premier international standard for green building

SUSTAINABILITY: We make green choices, the obvious choices

  • We integrate recycling bins and services
  • We install energy efficient appliances and instigate energy saving protocols 
  • We source water-efficient fittings to minimise your office’s water consumption

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