Thinking bigger, beyond the individual unit, to entire office buildings or multi-unit serviced apartments, we are able to deliver a more complete form of Vivid Living by adding bespoke services that spark a new lifestyle movement.

Vivid Developments will merge the creation of healthy living and working spaces with on-demand, health-related services and features that will extend Vivid Living to a whole community beyond the individual home or office. Bespoke services that put health at the heart of our offering could include: organic food deliveries, a green living concierge, the coordination of health checks, customized organic lunch boxes, and more.

Implemented across entire buildings, encompassing health-related services and creating health-supporting communities of like-minded individuals, Vivid Developments will realise the full potential of the Vivid Living lifestyle. Designed to foster a strong sense of community, these apartments and offices will enable occupants to make smart lifestyle choices with ease.

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